Sponsor's Talk

Mr. Mr. Ketan Dodhia

Director : Ronak Switchgear and Automation

Ronak Switchgear and Automation - Platinum Sponsor

We are associated with MAHATECH since the days, since the year 1978 since the days, when my father was handling business. We have started participating in MAHATECH from the day MAHATECH was started, more than 15 years.
We are authorized distributors for many companies like Omron, Panasonic, Honey well, Siemens, This is the right platform to show our presence in the industry and so we are always participating in MAHATECH.
As far as the visitor flow is concerned, only those persons are coming to visit the exhibition who are particularly interested in industrial products. So we are very appreciative that MAHATECH brings customers from nearby areas in Maharashtra like Kolhapur, Ahmednagar, Aurangabad. When we jointly venture with MAHATECH here, we get benefits at different levels. As of now we are surely participating at the Baroda event.

Mr. Vedant Goyal and Mr. M.B. Gandhi

Directors - Alphalogic Industries Ltd.

Alphalogic Industries Ltd. - Gold Sponsor

In our first year , we had participated with our different brand ‘New mega steel’. Through our gold sponsorship, we have established the brand in Pune, so this year we decided to sponsor Alphalogic Industries, and I am pretty sure the way MAHATECH has promoted this year , we have received tremendous response , we were not expecting that many a people will get to know about our brand. I want to compare this event with CONSTRO. At CONSTRO, we were not sponsors and now at MAHATECH we are getting a very good response and we really want to thank the whole MAHATECH team.
I would like to compare this year experience with last year, this being the second year, For example- we were trying to enter in to Praj Industries, one of our team members visited the office of Praj at least, 10 times to get registered as a vendor, but, unfortunately, it could not happen. But at MAHATECH, a vendor meeting Programme was arranged and Praj Industries came here, and immediately on the 2nd day of the exhibition, we got a chance of doing business and we have done a business of 25 Crores in a year.
This is our event, we are not only exhibitors, but this is our event, and we need to make this successful , this is the feedback I give to MAHATECH team. We have already confirmed that we are Gold sponsors for the next year at MAHATECH 2024. We have doubled the space for the next year. We will be having a discussion with our management team and if we are available, we will join the Baroda event as well.
For the next year, we will really try to take another stall as this gives us an opportunity to showcase our products and make our brand more visible.